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We carefully curate each of our collections to bring you the best selections across Home Decor, Flowers, Skincare, Apparel, and Accessories. Many pieces are handmade, or exclusive, and they all have a story to tell. 

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Cubagua Necklace #4 (11mm) - White Pearl
Sold outAtargati Necklace
Atargati Necklace Sale price$1,450.00
Aura Necklace #9 (70mm) - Yellow GoldAura Necklace #9 (70mm) - Yellow Gold
Corazon Julieta Ring (28mm) - Rose GoldCorazon Julieta Ring (28mm) - Rose Gold
Sold outCorazon Julieta Ring (28mm) - Yellow GoldCorazon Julieta Ring (28mm) - Yellow Gold
Sideral Ring (25mm)
Sideral Ring (25mm) Sale price$450.00
Carmencita Ring #06 - White Pearl, Salmon Pearl & Topaz
Mundala Earrings #3 (90mm) - Yellow Gold
Sold outMundala Earrings #5 (40mm) - Yellow Gold
Pergamino Earring (30mm)
Pergamino Earring (30mm) Sale price$270.00
Corazon Dangle Earrings (15mm) - Yellow & Rose GoldCorazon Dangle Earrings (15mm) - Yellow & Rose Gold
Isabel Necklace #1 (45cm) - HessoniteIsabel Necklace #1 (45cm) - Hessonite
Aura Amor Necklace #2 - GarnetAura Amor Necklace #2 - Garnet
Lucia Dangle Earrings #3 - PearlLucia Dangle Earrings #3 - Pearl
Margot Dangle Earrings (35mm) - Pearl
Sold outCarmencita Earrings #3 (6-7mm) - Smoky Quartz
Sold outCarmencita Earrings (6mm) - Pearl & Yellow Gold
Kleidia Ring - Pink Opal
Kleidia Ring - Pink Opal Sale price$210.00
Sold outBarroca Ring #1 (27mm) - Salmon PearlBarroca Ring #1 (27mm) - Salmon Pearl
Sold outGalaxia Ring #2Galaxia Ring #2
Galaxia Ring #2 Sale price$680.00
Rulo Earrings #1 (10mm)-Sterling Silver
Ojos Pendant with Chain (20mm) - Andalusite & TourmalineOjos Pendant with Chain (20mm) - Andalusite & Tourmaline
Sold outCubagua Bracelet - Pearl
Cubagua Bracelet - Pearl Sale price$145.00
Sold outArcoíris Necklace #2-ZirconArcoíris Necklace #2-Zircon
Classic Half-Round Pearl Earrings (7mm) Salmon Pearl
Sold outBarroca Earrings # 1 (15mm)
Acerola Necklace #1 - KyaniteAcerola Necklace #1 - Kyanite
Charlene Earrings #2 (45mm) - Lapis Lazuli, KyaniteCharlene Earrings #2 (45mm) - Lapis Lazuli, Kyanite
Domenica Earrings #2 (15mn) - CarnelianDomenica Earrings #2 (15mn) - Carnelian
Carmencita Necklace #1Carmencita Necklace #1
Carmencita Necklace #1 Sale price$320.00
Sold outCleopatra Hoop Earrings- Black Onyx & Amethyst (30mm)Cleopatra Hoop Earrings- Black Onyx & Amethyst (30mm)
Aura Bracelet (30mm) Yellow GoldAura Bracelet (30mm) Yellow Gold
Handmade Friendship Bracelet #5- Pearl
Sold outFriendship Bracelet #8 - Pearl
Sold outKleidia Seven Gems Bracelet PearlKleidia Seven Gems Bracelet Pearl
Pearl Necklace (12-13mm)
Pearl Necklace (12-13mm) Sale price$810.00
Morgan Necklace (45cm) - Pearl & Yellow Gold
Sold outMorgan Necklace # 1 (45cm) Salmon Pearl
Sold outGota Earrings #1 (40mm) PearlGota Earrings #1 (40mm) Pearl
Sold outGota Button Dangle Earrings (40mm) Multicolor Gems MixGota Button Dangle Earrings (40mm) Multicolor Gems Mix
Sold outClementina Stud Earrings #1 (9mm) Mix Arcoiris
Sold outClassic Half-Round Pearl Earrings (11-12mm) White PearlClassic Half-Round Pearl Earrings (11-12mm) White Pearl
Sold outCubagua Hoop Earrings # 1 (10mm) PearlCubagua Hoop Earrings # 1 (10mm) Pearl
Sold outBrenda Hoop Earrings # 1 (20mm) Yellow GoldBrenda Hoop Earrings # 1 (20mm) Yellow Gold
Carmencita Ring (22mm) Pearl
Sold outKeshi Earrings # 3 (35mm) Pearl
Sold outCleopatra Hoop Earrings # 1 (15mm) IoliteCleopatra Hoop Earrings # 1 (15mm) Iolite
Sold outCleopatra Hoop Earrings # 1 (10mm) AquamarineCleopatra Hoop Earrings # 1 (10mm) Aquamarine