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We carefully curate each of our collections to bring you the best selections across Home Decor, Flowers, Skincare, Apparel, and Accessories. Many pieces are handmade, or exclusive, and they all have a story to tell. 

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Kosmima Necklace - Amber, Spessartite, Smoky Quartz, Pearl & AmethystKosmima Necklace - Amber, Spessartite, Smoky Quartz, Pearl & Amethyst
Soledad Necklace #1 (42cm) - Moon Stone
Sold outPensamientos Necklace #1 - Garnet
Clementina Stud Earrings #1 (9mm) - Peridot, Emerald, Green Onyx, Chalcedony, Prehnite, Vessonite, Green Amethyst & Chrysoprase
Clementina Stud Earrings #1 (9mm) - Rose Gold
Clementina Stud Earrings #1 (12mm) - Yellow GoldClementina Stud Earrings #1 (12mm) - Yellow Gold
Aura Stud Earrings #1 (20mm) - Aquamarine, Silverite, Apatite
Sold outAura Stud Earrings #1 (15mm) - Pearl
Gota Button Dangle Earrings (70mm) - Rhodochrosite, Rose Sapphire, Rose Topaz, Rose Tourmaline & Rose Quartz
Cubagua Necklace - Pearl
Cubagua Necklace - Pearl Sale price$510.00
Barroca Necklace #2 (40mm) - White Pearl & Yellow Gold
Triple Pearl Necklace (7-12mm)
Triple Pearl Necklace (7-12mm) Sale price$1,500.00
Barroca Necklace #1 (45cm) - Salmon Pearl
Jacinto Necklace - Amethyst
Jacinto Necklace - Amethyst Sale price$525.00
Barroca Earrings #1 (19-20mm) - White Pearl
Ofiura Earring (70mm) - White Pearl, Salmon Pearl & Topaz
Sold outNickel Torra EarringsNickel Torra Earrings
Nickel Torra Earrings Sale price$255.00
Orange Torra Earrings
Orange Torra Earrings Sale price$289.00
Orange Mini Maurita EarringsOrange Mini Maurita Earrings
Teal Mini Maurita EarringsTeal Mini Maurita Earrings
Teal Mini Maurita Earrings Sale price$155.00
Mint Maurita EarringsMint Maurita Earrings
Mint Maurita Earrings Sale price$215.00
Iris Green Maurita EarringsIris Green Maurita Earrings
Iris Green Maurita Earrings Sale price$215.00
Teal Maurita EarringsTeal Maurita Earrings
Teal Maurita Earrings Sale price$215.00
Sold outNickel Maurita EarringsNickel Maurita Earrings
Nickel Maurita Earrings Sale price$215.00
Orange Maurita EarringsOrange Maurita Earrings
Orange Maurita Earrings Sale price$215.00
Small Cage PurseSmall Cage Purse
Small Cage Purse Sale price$325.00