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Book Mexico Mask/Rituals

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Since 1985, photographer Phyllis Galembo has traveled extensively to capture ritual dress in Africa and the Caribbean. In her latest work focusing on Mexico, she photographs cultural performances with a political undertone. Galembo's portraits, characterized by simplicity, showcase subjects adorned in traditional or ritual attire.

Masking is a profound tradition where participants transcend the physical world into the spiritual. Through masks, costumes, and body paint, individuals convey political, artistic, and religious meanings. Galembo's vibrant photos highlight performers' artistry as they transform into mythical figures using local materials. Her captivating survey of Mexico's masking practices captures subjects embodying past, present, and future, reflecting their religious, political, and cultural affiliations on their bodies.

Dimensions: 9.6 x 1.2 x 10.5 inches | 24.38 x 3.05 x 26.67 cm

Book Mexico Mask/Rituals
Book Mexico Mask/Rituals Sale price$55.00