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Casa Cu was born from the concept of Casa Cultura, which translates to Culture House.

Our intention is for our offerings to feel personal. Experience our collection and retreat to a time when all things were soulful, full of heart, and covered in the footsteps of its journey into your home. The pieces of art you use, wear, and see every day set the stage for your life. Let that mosaic be thoughtful, ethical, lasting, and have character.

Our founder, Majo, established this ethos of cozy luxury. While now rooted in Santa Monica, she was raised in Mexico, grounded by a culture of unique artistry. Latin American design sparked her inspiration, and traveling across most of the globe cemented it. At only 20, she started what would become a life living abroad, soaking in the atmosphere of 72 stunning countries, including Sweden, Spain, Colombia, Kenya, India, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, and both US coasts. As well as making a home in Madrid, Stockholm, and New York during various eras of her life. Our founder tells the stories of those experiences through goods for nearly every aspect of your life. She is consistently sourcing with purpose and quality.

Casa Cu is not just a lifestyle brand. Casa Cu is culture, curated.

Looking to the future, we are branching out to travel collaborations and our furniture line.

Stay tuned.